You've dared to enter TSCROG.COM, the personal webspace of Taylor Scroggins. Who is Taylor Scroggins, you might ask? You didn't ask? You only got to this page because he told you to come here? Well I'll tell you about him anyway.

Taylor was born and raised in Santa Clarita, California. He was raised in a family of animators, and so ended up choosing to pursue an education at CalArts, where he got his BFA in Experimental Animation, with focuses on Direct Techniques, Abstract Video Synthesis, and Game Design. After graduating, Taylor worked for several years in the video games industry, and burnt out hard. He now lives in La Grande, Oregon, with his beautiful wife and sons, working as the Executive Director of a Non-Profit and making his own personal work on the side (including this weird-ass blog).

Stick around to see whatever he's thinking about or working on lately.